Our team

You will be well looked after in our practice by Mrs. Adam, Mrs. Halwas, Mrs. Jacobs-Wegner and Mrs. Thiel.

Mrs. Adam takes care of the reception and the appointments. She is also responsible for the various tasks which ensure the smooth organisation of the practice.

Mrs. Jacobs-Wegner fulfils tasks in the laboratory as well as the various activities involved in the reception and as a chair assistant.

In addition to her work at the reception, Mrs. Halwas is in charge of hygiene in the practice. She is currently on parental leave since the birth of her son.

Mrs. Thiel, in addition to her work at the reception and the examination room, is responsible for the organisation of the practice.

To ensure quality in our practice, our employees continuously participate in certified further and advanced training courses. In addition, in-house training courses are carried out regularly. All our employees are trained vaccination assistants.